Main Water Line Repair Services

The professionals at Towers Plumbing are here to with leaks in your main water line. Call (801) 266-3529 to receive immediate repair services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Your main water line is the source for your home’s water supply. Over time, age can cause the line to wear down leading to leaks or breaks. If your line is damaged or leaking, you will typically notice a dramatic increase in your water bill whether from a small, pinhole leak, or a large break causing standing water. As soon as you notice signs of leaks or a rise in your water bill, contact us for professional assistance. We will run the necessary tests and determine the source of the issue.

Besides the increase in your water bill, other notable signs that your line has sustained damage or is leaking include decreased water pressure, noisy pipes when you turn the water off, and even flooding from the break site. With main water line leaks, early detection is key to avoid the expense of wasted water.

If you suspect a leak or break, contact Towers Plumbing for immediate service. Our expert technicians have years of experience and a keen sense in locating the source of a leak. You can be confident in our ability to solve your main water line issues and give you honest opinions in the best course of action for your home.


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