Tankless Water Heaters Installation & Service

Are you ready to never run out of hot water and save money at the same time? Tankless systems heat water only when you need it, so you have hot water on demand instead of stale, hot water sitting in a tank. Call (801) 266-3529 to speak with the experts at Towers Plumbing about tankless water heaters today.

Knowing When to Upgrade

Modern water heaters typically last 10-14 years, but you should mull over the idea of replacing your unit after 10 years. If your unit needs frequent repairs to keep it operable, it’s time to consider replacing it. Other signs your unit has reached its end include discolored or stained water, loud banging noises during operation, and it has stopped producing hot water all together.

Benefits of Tankless Units

Tankless water heaters mean you will never run out of hot water — period! You can enjoy more room in your home because the unit will only take up a fraction of the space that a traditional unit would use. Thanks to their energy efficiency, these units are less expensive to operate and have an average lifespan double that of traditional systems, saving you money each month and down the line.


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