Gas Line Installation

Old or leaky gas lines should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid a potential hazard at your home or business. Fortunately for our customers, Towers Plumbing is available to provide expert gas line installation and repair services. Avoiding a problem with your gas line is dangerous, so if you suspect a leak, contact your local technicians at Towers Plumbing for immediate service.

A gas line inspection completed by our expert technicians will identify and work toward resolving any existing or potential gas line problems. Lines that run to individual appliances will be scrutinized to ensure they are in proper working order without risk of leaking. Sometimes our technicians will recommend replacing the line entirely because the problems are too extensive for repair. If this is the case in your home or business, you will have the peace of mind — after your appliance is replaced — that you will avoid problems caused by aging systems.

Keeping your senses alert for gas leaks in order to help you detect small issues early and avoid dangerous hazards from larger leaks. A few signs to watch out for include:

  • Smelling sulfur in or around home (a rotten egg odor)
  • Dead or dreary plant life near a pipeline or gas appliance
  • Excessive amounts of bubbles in nearby ponds

Lastly, be aware that in the case of a fire caused by a leak, you should immediately leave the home or building without attempting to locate the leak or shutting off the gas. Even small leaks can lead to explosions due to the highly flammable nature of gas. Never attempt to solve the problem yourself. Instead, call for help from a professional and keep your family safe.
Understanding how the gas line operates, and its potential safety hazards, can help you prevent damage to your home and possibly save your life. Call Towers Plumbing at (801) 266-3529 to receive immediate assistance on your gas line installation or repair.


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