Garbage Disposal Unit Services

If your neighbors can hear your garbage disposal running, it has stopped working or has become clogged, call (801) 266-3529 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians today. Don’t delay repairing or replacing your garbage disposal because the problem could cause serious damage from clogs down the line.

Avoid Clogs in Your Drains

You can avoid damage to your disposal by being cautious with what you are putting into your drain. Always run hot water before, during and after running your garbage disposal to move items more easily through the drain. Remember to remove stringy foods, like chicken skin, celery and banana peels, before allowing the foods to go down the drain. And, never pour grease or other fats down the drain.

You can avoid foul smells from your sink by frequently cleaning the garbage disposal. A few options are to grind lemon peels or ice cubes, run dish soap with water, or run the water for 30 seconds to clear food scraps from the drain.

If you are unsuccessful in preventing clogs, or you have other issues with your garbage disposal, contact Towers Plumbing today to have an experienced and certified technician inspect and diagnose the problem. They can suggest several solutions to make sure your specific problem is resolved. You never have to wait on us or worry about a mess because our technicians will always arrive at the agreed upon time and clean up after themselves before they leave. Set an appointment today and find out why homeowners in Salt Lake City prefer Towers Plumbing before all the rest.


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