Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged drains are no match for the professionals at Towers Plumbing. Ignoring a clog is inconvenient when using your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Call to have our certified technicians provide expert drain cleaning service today.
If your drain gives you standing water, your toilet is flushing slowly, or you hear strange gurgles coming from your drain, you may have a clog that needs to be cleared fast. Our team is highly trained and here to ensure your drains are clear and running effortlessly.

Your home relies on its plumbing system, and tackling a drain issue by yourself can usually mean dumping corrosive chemicals down your pipes that can cause damage with repeated use. Professional drain cleaning services are not only guaranteed to clear the clog more efficiently than store bought cleaners, they are the safer and better option for your family’s health and the environment. Don’t pour poison down your drains. Instead, call the professionals at Towers Plumbing, and we will take care of those stubborn clogs for you.

Preventing clogs saves you from frequent repairs and the inconvenience of standing water in your sinks. A few ways you can prevent clogs in kitchen sinks include installing a garbage disposal and refrain from throwing large amounts of food down the drain, like eggs shells and coffee grounds. Always run water before, during, and after working your disposal. You can also install shower strainers to catch excess hair from building in your pipes.


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