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Reliable plumbing repair and water heater services in Herriman.

Homeowners in Herriman, UT know that the longer you wait after a plumbing problem has surfaced, the higher the chances of lasting water damage and costly cleanup. There’s no question that having access to a quality Herriman plumber can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your family safe, and your home in good condition.

Finding a reputable plumbing contractor can be a challenge, but when you sign on with Towers Plumbing, you’ll get more than 75 years of experience and expertise. Our slogan is ‘We Tower Above the Rest’ because we are supremely confident that we can provide you with the plumbing repairs you need, alongside exceptional customer service during every visit.

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Expert Plumbing Repair and Installation

When you need plumbing services, there is no substitute for a proven plumbing team that has been operating in your area for decades. When you call us at Towers Plumbing, you’ll get the benefit of our 75 years of experience and our commitment to customer service. We offer a range of services that include clog repair, drain cleaning, sewer line services and pipe repair. We also provide commercial plumbing services that will keep your business up and running when you need a commercial plumber to come in and take control of the situation.

Timely Water Heater Repair and Installation Services

Older water heaters that have been around for more than 10 years often do best with a new water heater installation rather than repair service. When you have a newer model installed in your home, your energy efficiency will improve and you can forget about calling for repairs for the foreseeable future.

Of course, water heater replacement isn’t always required. You might just need a quick water heater repair to fix some of the signs of trouble. If you notice water leaking from the tank or pooling around the unit, if your water bills or energy bills have been climbing or if your water heater is making unusual sounds during operation, call for some professional help.

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In the Herriman, UT area, people trust us for all their plumbing repair and water heater services. Just pick up the phone and call 801-266-3529 for expert service you can count on every time.

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Joel B.

Joel B.

We will install an underground gas line. From the gas meter to the new fire pit. The customer has to dig the trench minimum of 18 inches deep. We will install the line and the customer will bury the trench. We will tie in at the gas meter, with a new shut off valve, and we will cap the other end at the fire pit to pressure test it before we turn the gas back on. Line has been installed . The gas has been turned back on . We installed a shut off valve near the gas meter to supply the new line. That valve is turned off. The new line has been pressure tested and checked buy a supervisor. We did install a tracer tape the full length of the line and the landscape crew has back filled the trench.

Near Timberbrook Rd, Herriman, UT 84096
Jon .

Jon .

Water heater is leaking from the T&P valve on the side where it screws into the water heater. Water heater is also turned up all the way to very hot and is not providing much hot water. There is sediment build up on bottom of the tank. We will also replace the expansion tank.

Near Premier Ln, Herriman, UT 84096

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