Preventing Common Plumbing Emergencies is Easy! – Follow this Guide

Plumbing Emergency

We can all agree. Of all the things that can go wrong in your home, apart from fire, of course, is a plumbing emergency. They are a hassle, costly and sometimes even dangerous. There is indeed a good set of homeowners that would consider themselves “handy” around the house.

Truthfully, there are many cases when a few tools and some know how can save the day. However, the real wisdom is in knowing your limitations and when to leave the plumbing emergencies to the plumbers.

Bursting Pipes on Perfect Days

Burst PipeIt’s a Sunday afternoon, and you are enjoying the game on tv. You have a beverage in hand, and the rest of the family has gone out for the day. Nice to have the house to yourself, you think.

You are just about to head to the kitchen when you hear a loud noise coming from the basement. Startled, you rush downstairs only to find that you are standing in water. There is a burst pipe somewhere, and it’s flooding the basement.

All of your camping gear and boxes of memorabilia are in danger of getting waterlogged. Good thing you remember where the main shutoff valve is. You get to the valve and turn off the water.

After a few moments, you no longer hear a rush of water. Then, you and your soaked socks, do the most sensible thing and call a plumber to repair your pipes. Your perfect day, however, is now beyond repair.

Pipes will be prone to bursting when temperature and increased water pressure prove too much for an old or decayed pipe. If you have one pipe burst, you may be at risk of more if the rest of the system is aging as well. Have your plumber check for potential hazards and weak lines.

Tales of Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing ToiletThis one should sound familiar. You hear a flush in the upstairs bathroom. What follows is the sound of water hitting the floor.

You leap from your seat and rush over to find your toddler giggling at his toy that went bye-bye down in the spinny water.

After removing the child from the scene of the crime, you make sure the water valve behind the toilet is shut off. In your heart, you know that a plunger isn’t going to cut it this time.

Frustrated by the incident, you try anyway, and after a few failed flushes, you reach for your phone. In minutes your plumber is at your door to save the day.

Blocked Bath and Kitchen Drains

Blocked DrainsDrain hair is so very gross. It is the culprit for your bathtub drain blockage this time. The kitchen sink also has some vile muck building up in the drain.

Like your toilet, there is the risk of losing something non-organic down these drains and giving the waste something more to cling to; it could make matters worse. If whatever is down there can’t be dislodged, you have more of a problem on your hands. After a few attempts without success, it may be time to call a plumber.

Leaked Fixtures Are Frustrating

Leaking Fixtures

Is there anything more aggravating when you’re trying to sleep than a leaky faucet?

Now before you go and get your tools, consider that it may be more than just a cracked or torn rubber washer.

You then may be looking at less of a repair and more of a replacement. Don’t waste time on something that isn’t guaranteed to come out a success. Call a plumber.

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